Banba’s Crown Theatre CompanyBanba's Crown NYC Fringe 1997

Banba’s Crown Theatre Company began in New York City in 1997, when six New York based Irish actors came together to bring alternative adaptations of John Synge’s Riders to the Sea and The Tinkers Wedding to the First Annual New York International Fringe Festival. These two classic plays were presented by the company in an unconventional, non-traditional setting and style, seeking to reveal the true eloquence of the language. Based at the Chuck Levithan Studio in Soho, the company went on to explore other works such as Beckett’s Catastrophe, Footfalls, A Piece of Monologue, and Seán O’Casey’s Within the Gates among others. Over the years, members of the company have gone on to pursue individual endeavours, in the US and Ireland. In 2012, Banba’s Crown was re-established by Michael and Sinéad Judd and work began on an adaptation of Micheál macLiammóir’s acclaimed one man show “The Importance of Being Oscar”. Michael Judd: “I first became aware of “The Importance of Being Oscar” in 1995, while living in New York City. I was given the text of the play by an Irish American friend, who felt that we should consider reviving the show for modern audiences.” We had a sense that it would be more interesting to present this work in diverse settings other than in conventional theatres. Since then, our journey has taken us to some unexpected and remarkable spaces.”